Parallax describes the process of how objects appear to move when looked at from different angles. Astronomers use parallax to measure the distance between stars, while hunters use it to understand the distance to a target. We use parallax to build stakeholder value. By looking at each property from multiple angles and unconstrained by developing within a particular asset class, we ensure that each project is conceptualized and executed to maximize value. Parallax was founded in 1981 and throughout its existence has been a privately held company. Originally focused on developing retail shopping plazas, Parallax has since expanded to build or reposition within a multitude of asset classes, including street front retail, residential condominiums, office buildings, mixed use facilities and public-private partnerships. Our breadth of experience in numerous building types and asset classes is what enables us to look at each property through several lenses until the perfect concept is identified. With over 75 completed projects and current and planned projects valued in excess of $200-million, Parallax continues to position itself from a different point of view.